Tomoko Matsumoto (aka Clinker, Opera Dog) starts DTT (Don’t Try This) in London, UK in 2006. Named after her club night she planed organising which concept of mixture of many source of arts where you can experience something either good or bad and bring the feeling back to home and you can cook the feeling inside of you. Unfortunately, the club night hasn’t been come out as a event yet however, she take DTT to her own music form. The music inspired by the world she has seen and lived in. Where the first few songs such as Mad Cow, Apollo you can see the influence by beats which you can physically wants to dance with. Recent sounds of DTT is more involved in music for your head and feelings such as Lo-Fi, Ambient, Electro, Classical and Industrial music etc…


"What's All About This"(2010)

#1 Face in a Mirror
#2 Digital Warfare & March of the Robots
#3 Not Like It Ever Was
#4 You Don't Care

" Seeing sound through a kaleidoscope and listening to the world from the other side"(2009)

#1 Life is an Adventure
#2 Between Time and Space
#3 Noise Pop
#4 How Do You Fee
#5 Experimental Space Trip
#6 A Day in the Ocean
#7 Out from the Other Side

"Space Mission"(2007)

#1 Apollo
#2 Dead Planet
#3 Noise Pop
#4 (Can You Feel) The Faith of Venus
#5 Nightboat to Uranus


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