"Their whole set was utterly compelling. They reminded me why I do this: it's the hope of seeing something new and genuinely exciting, to witness something unstoppable."

''Clinker Schminker''''Up Chunky!''''The Truth About Nuts''''Porno''''YAM WOT ITAM I''''IYAM WOT IYAM II''''When I Grow Up I Wanna Be A Sapce Cadet''''Clinker''Hairy Cornflake''Cake Tin Head'' /EP''Let's Go Out and Get Fucked''''Hallucination Generation'' /Single''Pizzo Tung'' /EP''Thru' the Fly Machine''''Thru' the Remix Machine''''Open See''''Good Trip, Bad Trip''''A Distorted Image''''Democracy''''Albert Floss''Tick Tickty Boom!AMBRAThe Way It Is


Clinker are a London based DIY band who create a mixture of multi-coloured psychedelia, sing-along pop, head-fucked noise and electric avant-garde music (sometimes in the same song) featuring 2 members, Pete (Vox, Gtr, Sampler) and Tomoko (Back Vox, Gtr, Sampler).

Making music since 1999 (mostly just for themselves until 2006), with 16 albums and EPs of musical adventures recorded. Their mixture of influences and attitude, "eat whatever's good music/sounds while discovering your own sound" makes their music unique and dynamic, with an extra sprinkling of Clinker dust.

Their previous album "Thru' the Fly Machine", has received over 15000 downloads as a freebie and it has received rave reviews from several sources, including Drone Magazine - "They really are one of the most dedicated bands I have ever come across" and Music-News.com - "Clinker produce their most complete work yet with their stunning L.P `Thru` the Fly Machine`.Every song pulls you in different directions and yet it somehow retains a sense of unity".

In January 2010, They exclusively created and self released an EP "Open See" (9.2/10 rated by Kert Semm) for the Jim Goldberg photo exhibition of the same name and performed it at the Photographer's Gallery, London for a special event "Open Listen" organized by the Youth Forum, associated with the gallery. The event included a variety of artists performing their own work inspired by the exhibition and Clinker performed as a 10 piece band with extra backing vocalists and a string/wind section all arranged by themselves.

Like journalist Matt Killeen described them at a recent gig; "The whole thing was utterly compelling. They reminded me why I do this: it's the hope of seeing something new and genuinely exciting, to witness something unstoppable. What Clinker give you is a performance full of energy. A Beautiful yet sometimes heartstopping wall of sound, coming at you from many different angles, that will swallow you and your mind whole.

They are currently recording/rehearsing new material and playing gigs in the UK.

 Band Menbers

Peter Jordan - Vocal, Guitar, Sampler
Tomoko Matsumoto - Backing Vocal, Guitar, Sampler

If you would like to know more about Clinker, you can read "The History of Clinker"

Chapter 1 Genesis and Revelations
Chapter 2 Drugs n Chunks
Chapter 3 And Then There Were Two
Chapter 4 Everybody Loves Porno
Chapter 5 Public Indecency
Chapter 6 Friends Re-united
Chapter 7 Getting Mashed
Chapter 8 Live at Last
Chapter 9 All Change
Chapter 10 We Are the Champions
Chapter 11 And Then There Were Three
Chapter 12 Three Minus One Plus Two
Chapter 13 Wagging Tungs
Chapter 14 Gratuitous Sax and Violins
Chapter 15 Reviews for Fly Machine
Chapter 16 Train, Bus, Car.the shoot out
Chapter 17 Thinking Big.and then there were ten.
Chapter 18 Something or other
Chapter whatever A Means to an End

Cast (in order of appearance)
Peter Jordan, Marcus Moir, Sean Stevens, Andy Davis, Lorna Law, Dave Munn, Joe Weston, Karl Lever, Primal Scream, Richard Fearless, Kevin Shields, Sarah Hussein, Julian, Tomoko Matsumoto, Paul Giovanni, Alan McGee, Paul Stokes, Pat Long, Lily Allen, Jamie T, Panda Bear, Nick Brown, Peter Maddacks, Jason Lawson, Steve Mason, Andy Cook, Richard Bray, Jules De Martino, The Girobabies, Paloma, Blackbox7, Julsie, Kert Semm, Matt Ellis, Benedikt Blume, Colossus, Marco Monaco, Toy Horse, Simon Phillips, Ambrose Yalley, The Spartans, Spoon, Ichiko Watanabe, Antonio Campbell, Spider, Matt Killeen, Nicola Moys, Telesterion, Sunlight Service Group, Honrada, Maria Slovakova, The Notebook, James Spiller, Maggie Brown, Hazuki Granska, Yumi Takada, Naomi Doi, Yukiko Hayashi, Nami Nagata

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