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Modern browseer that supports HTML5 Canvas. I have tested using Google Chrome under Mac,Win and Linux Desktop.
Currently no support for Opera browser. Under Firefox has audio jittering error.

// #DTTLIA //

At this moment, I use keyword searches using 3 words, "Life","Lucky" and "Unlucky" plus hushtag "#DTTLIA". Anyone who has a twitter account, please tweet using #DTTLIA to contribute your moment in life.

// Background of work //

I always wanted to make something interactive, improvised experimental stuff and I am fascinated by code transforming into geometorical images that I feel relate to a life. Transformation is generally interested in the creative process such as ideas becoming music or objects etc... So I started to learn Processing about a couple of months ago to see what the program could do.

Both the music and the video for "Life is an Adventure" was created influenced by Patti Smith's quote, "Life is an adventure of our own design, intersected by fate in a series of lucky and unlucky accidents."

So I wondered about creating a code to calculate it's own adventure, using the number of characters and number of followers from twitter's feed, using the 3 keywords of "life","lucky" and "unlucky" to create geometrical images at the precise moment the viewer loads the video. I feel what the viewer sees is their own design from people's real lives and I feel life itself is also about random connections with other people.

This is an ongoing project..

Tomoko - May 2015

// Programing Language //

Processing / jQuery / PHP / Javascript

One part of code is modified from original code of "Random illusion splash" by Blyk, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 and GNU GPL license.
Work: http://openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID= 152036


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// Change log //

08-06-2015: Amending codes add #DTTLIA in a search query
23-05-2015: Well... remove #DTTLIA from a search query for now cos it isn't moving fast enough...Some codes are changed too
18-05-2015: Including #DTTLIA in a search query. I need more tweets for this hashtag, please...

Tomoko Matsumoto (DTT / Friendly Child / Clinker)